The pitcher throws the ball and the batter swings. The ball pops into the air and flies into the stands behind third base. The cameras follow the foul ball as a hard-core fan leaps up and catches his prize. While in the corner of the camera frame someone holds up a sign, “John 3:16.”

What does that mean to the masses watching the game? For the Christian who knows their Bible, it brings to mind the very core of the faith they hold dear.

I am not sure what it means for the masses. That would be an interesting survey of both those who see the signs and those with the signs. Maybe it means, “Hey, another religious fanatic.” Or it may not have any real meaning to them. On the other hand, these signs may be great conversation starters providing the opportunity to share one’s faith. I would love to see your comments on the effectiveness of John 3:16 signs below if you have experience on either side of the signs.

My interest today is how to explain the meaning of John 3:16 to someone who does not know what it means. Sure, they have seen the scripture reference often enough but has anyone explained it to them in a way they could understand in a relative short conversation.

First a person needs to understand Human nature is in a fallen state for this verse to make any sense. Maybe they know the story of Adam and Eve’s original sin. The one rule they were commanded to keep. OR if they can understand that they themselves have broken a rule or law at some point in their lives. They have guilt and it remains to this day. These things mean we have fallen out of the good graces of God because we sin.

Sin separates us from God. We cannot fix this ourselves, but the Bible says God will make a way for us. The Bible points to Christ’s coming to earth and the salvation He brings for us. The Bible verse John 3:16 tells us about God’s love for all the people of the world. His love for us was so great that He sent his only natural Son so we could have eternal life if we only believe He is able to save us from eternal death caused by sinning. It is that simple, but its either eternal life or eternal death and it all depends on what we do with Jesus. Doing nothing with Jesus leaves us headed for eternal death. Believing Jesus can save us from the eternal death gives us eternal life in its place. The question is, “Do we believe He can save us and put our trust in Him?”

See Understanding John Chapter 3 Verse 16 In Its Context.