Who is Jesus? Quiz: Keep your Bible Knowledge and understanding honed with a Basic church Bible Quiz. This Quiz presents questions about Jesus Christ and His role in our salvation

True or False

  1. Jesus was just a good guy.
  2. Jesus was a lunatic.
  3. Jesus was the son of God.
  4. Jesus was human.
  5. We cannot know the true history of Jesus.
  6. The Bible is the only ancient source that talks about Jesus.
  7. The miracles of Jesus were faked.
  8. Jesus had Brothers
  9. Jesus was raised from the dead.
  10. Jesus lived a sinless life.


  1. Jesus was just a good guy.
    1. False: It is true Jesus was a good guy but to say He was “just” a good guy is false because He was the Son of God. One major mystery to is that Jesus was fully human yet at the same time He was fully deity. Jesus was more than a good guy.
  2. Jesus was a lunatic.

False: There are several options in understanding who Jesus might be.  One is that He was a lunatic and did not really know what he was doing, but people followed him anyway.  Another is that Jesus was a liar trying to mislead people but his plan went wrong, and he was crucified.  The final option is that he was and is the Son of God just as He said He was.  Only the last option makes sense when viewing the whole biblical record.

  1. Jesus was the Son of God.

True: His virgin birth, many miracles and resurrection from the dead all validate his claim to be the Son of God.

  1. Jesus was human.

True: Jesus was human, but we cannot say He was “only” human.  He was fully human but he was also fully deity.

  1. The Bible is the only ancient source that talks about Jesus.

False: Jesus is mentioned by several secular historians whose work survives to this day.  These come from[1]:

  • Tacitus, a Roman historian
  • Lucian, a Roman satirist
  • Suetonius, the chief secretary to Emperor Hadrian
  • Josephus, a Jewish Historian
  • The Talmud, the rabbinical commentary on the Torah makes a comment on the death of Jesus.
  1. We cannot know the true history of Jesus.

False: The Bible contains the story of Jesus’s life from four different perspectives.  These include the mention of many eyewitnesses who were there. The historians certainly would have mentioned it if there had been discrepancies between reality and these four accounts. Some people misquoted the scripture, changing part in the second century but the church father Peter of Alexandria corrected them saying to see “as the correct books render it, and the copy itself that was written by the hand of the evangelist, which, by the divine grace, has been preserved in the most holy church of Ephesus”[2]

  1. The miracles of Jesus were faked.

False: A person may be able to fool a lot of people for a while but eventually they are found out.  Jesus did not work on a set like the fakers we might see on television.  He traveled a lot and interacted with the crowds that He met.  It was close up and personal.  The people He healed were know by the community and know to be sick, lame or blind etc. It is pretty hard to fake a healing of someone know to be lame or blind.  We have no reason to disbelieve any of Jesus’s miracles.

  1. Jesus had brothers and sisters.

False: in that Jesus had no full brothers or sisters because Jesus had a virgin birth since the Holy Spirit cause her to conceive.

True: However, He did have half-brothers and half-sisters that the community of Nazareth assumed were His full brothers and sisters. It is all in how you want to look at the question.

See: Luke 1:26-35; Mark 5:41

  1. Jesus was raised from the dead.

True: This point is as important as His virgin birth.  The Bible says Jesus was raised from the dead.  People witnessed Jesus after his resurrection.

Luke 24:15; 24:36; Matthew 28:10; 28:16–17; Acts 1:3

  1. Jesus lived a sinless life.

True: Hebrews 5:15 says He was “tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin.”


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