King David quiz part 2: a image of a statue of King David Playing the harp.
The Life Of King David Bible Quiz (Part 2).

True of False

     1. T F David was King over all of Israel for forty years.
     2. T F David’s father sent him to play the harp and sooth King Saul.
     3. T F Saul loved David greatly and made him his armor bearer.

     4. T F David first heard Goliath’s challenge when he took supplies to his Brothers who were fighting with Saul.
     5. T F David’s oldest brother was angry with him when he asked what the reward would be for killing the Philistine.
     6. T F King Saul promised to let whoever could kill Goliath marry his daughter.
     7. T F David had already killed a lion and a bear while shepherding the sheep before he killed the giant.
     8. T F David wore King Saul’s armor for protection while fighting Goliath.
     9. T F David took a stick and his sling with some stones into battle with Goliath.
   10. T F Goliath cursed David
   11. T F In David’s mind, the Lord was the reason he would succeed in defeating Goliath.
   12. T F David ran to meet Goliath at the battle line.
   13. T F David used Goliath’s own sword to make sure he was dead.
   14. T F Goliath’s army ran for their lives after he died.
   15. T F Saul’s army chased Goliath’s army after David killed Goliath.
   16. T F David’s best friend was Saul’s son Jonathan.
   17. T F David’s wife Michal saved his life.
   18. T F David and Jonathan used arrows to signal Saul’s intent to kill David.
   19. T F Ahimelech the priest was troubled when he seen David was traveling alone.
   20. T F David lied to a priest.d David greatly and made him his armor bearer.



  1. FALSE He was King for forty years but only king of Israel for thirty-three years. (2 Samuel 5:4–5)
  2. TRUE He sent him at Saul’s request because Saul sought someone to sooth him with music. (1 Samuel 16:16–19)
  3. TRUE Although this love for David was short lived and sometimes it depended on the Kings mood. But Saul really took to him at first and made David his armor bearer. (1 Samuel 16:21
  4. TRUE David had just arrived at the camp and was looking for his brothers when Goliaths challenge rang out again and terrified the army. (1 Samuel 17:20–24)
  5. TRUE Eliab was angry with David when he asked about the reward for the one who could kill Goliath. (1 Samuel 17:28–30)
  6. TRUE And not only marry the kings daughter but also their father’s house would be granted freedom from taxes and public service in Israel. (1 Samuel 17:25) See footnote in NASB95.
  7. TRUE David used these experiences to convince the King he was capable of killing the giant. (1 Samuel 17:34–37)
  8. FALSE David tried on King Saul’s armor but it was so bulky he could not walk while wearing it. So he took it off. (1 Samuel 17:38–39)
  9. TRUE David was a shepherd and used the tools of a shepherd in the battle with Goliath. (1 Samuel 17:40)
  10. TRUE Once they were close enough to see each other clearly, Goliath was offended that they had sent someone so young and inexperienced to fight him. In fact, David was handsome too, so he cursed him by his gods. Goliath was hoping for someone with battle scars that would challenge him just a bit. (1 Samuel 17:42-43)
  11. TRUE David knew he had abilities that would help him, but he was fighting for the honor of God and was confident the Lord would give him success against Goliath. (1 Samuel 17:45)
  12. TRUE There was no Holding back.  David ran quickly to meet Goliath. (1 Samuel 17:48)
  13. TRUE David’s stick wouldn’t do so he took Goliath’s sword out of its sheaf and cut off the giant’s head with his own sword. (1 Samuel 17:51)
  14. TRUE They had put their faith in their champion.  It terrified them when Israel’s champion killed their champion so the fled for their lives. (1 Samuel 17:51)
  15. TRUE The gave chase and slew many of them. (1 Samuel 17:52)
  16. TRUE David and Saul's son Jonathan were very close friends. (1 Samuel 18:1)
  17. TRUE She let him down through a window and he escaped from the men sent to take him to Saul to be killed. (1 Samuel 19:11-18)
  18. TRUE Ahimelech the priest was trembling when he came to meet David. (1 Samuel 21:1)
  19. TRUE David lied when he told the priest he was on a secret mission for the King. (1 Samuel 21:1–2)
  20. TRUE Jonathan shot three arrows and sent a youth to get them. When he told the youth the arrows were beyond him, David knew Saul intended to kill him. (1 Samuel 20:20-38)