King David quiz part 4: a image of a statue of King David Playing the harp.
The Life Of King David Bible Quiz (Part 4).



1. T F David’s friend Jonathan died the same day Saul died.
2. T F David rejoiced when his enemy Saul was slain.
3. T F David avenged Saul’s death.

4. T F David lived in Hebron while he was king of Judah.
5. T F Abner was the commander of David’s army.
6. T F Jonathan had a surviving son.
7. T F David captured Jerusalem and called it the city of David.
8. T F David killed all of Saul’s descendants.
9. T F David moved the ark of the covenant from Baalah to Jerusalem.
10. T F David sinned.
11. T F God punished David for his sin.
12. T F God forgave David of his sin.
13. T F David’s son tried to become King.
14. T F King David allow a man from the house of Saul to curse him as he fled Jerusalem.
15. T F A friend of David’s served in Absalom’s court so he could help David.
16. T F A woman protected David from danger by hiding two men in a well.
17. T F David’s army had thirty-seven men called mighty men.
18. T F Michal, David’s wife looked out the window and saw David dancing and thought he was the best dancer ever.
19. T F King David built the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem.
20. T F King David died in about 962 B.C.


1. TRUE The battle had went badly for them that day and many of the men died including King Saul, his son Jonathan and his two others sons. (1 Samuel 31:6)
2. FALSE They wept and mourned the death of Saul and Jonathan. (2 Samuel 1:9–12)
3. TRUE David avenged Saul's death by having the man who finished Saul off killed because he killed the Lord's anointed. (2 Samuel 1:14-15)
4. TRUE David and his men moved to live at Hebron when the men of Judah came and anointed him king over the house of Judah. They lived there until the moved to Jerusalem after the civil war of Israel. (2 Samuel 2:3)
5. FALSE Abner was the commander of Saul’s army and Joab was the commander of David’s army. (2 Samuel 2:8)
6. TRUE Mephibosheth had survived. (2 Samuel 4:4, 2 Samuel 9:3)
7. TRUE David captured the stronghold of Zion and lived there. He called it the "City of David." (2 Samuel 5:7-9)
8. FALSE David showed great kindness to the surviving son of Jonathan. (2 Samuel 9)
9. TRUE The put it on a new cart to move it. (1 Chronicles 13:6, 2 Samuel 6)
10. TRUE David had gotten Uriah’s wife pregnant then he had Uriah killed to cover up his sin. (2 Samuel 11:4–5, 2 Samuel 12:9)
11. TRUE The child that resulted from his sin died and David had much strife in his family as punishment. (2 Samuel 12:11-15)
12. TRUE The priest told David the Lord had taken away his sin and he would not die. (2 Samuel 12:13)
13. TRUE Absalom plotted for people to proclaim him king in Hebron when a trumpet sounded. (2 Samuel 15:10-12)
14. TRUE A man cursed David as he fled from Jerusalem. David left him alone saying, "if the Lord told him to." (2 Samuel 16:5–14)
15. TRUE Hushai stayed and served Absalom as an advisor. He gave bad advice and warned David of what was happening. (2 Samuel 16:15–17:17)
16. TRUE Two of David's informants hid in a well. A woman spread a covering over it and put grain on it to hide the men. Then they were able to warn David of Absalom’s plan. (2 Samuel 17:18–20)
17. TRUE The mighty men and their deeds are listed in these verses. (2 Samuel 23:8–39)
18. FALSE She despised him in her heart because he was in a state of undress in public. (2 Samuel 6:16, 20)
19. FALSE He wanted to but God only allowed him to collect the materials for building it and his son Solomon actually built it. (2 Samuel 7:12–13, 1 Kings 6:1)
20. True (Compton’s Encyclopedia. Chicago, IL: Compton’s Encyclopedia.)