Why do you think what you think about God?

The Different Views of God flow-chart below introduces a way to discuss the different views people have about God. By going through a series of simple questions, a person can pin down their view of God and know what their view of God is called. This gives people the opportunity to compare their view of God to other views to understand it better. Knowing what a view of God is called allows you to study the view further. In this way a person can further their understanding of their own way of thinking about God as well as understand where other people are in their way of thinking about God. Theism is marked because it is the traditional way Christians think of God.

The views covered are acognosticism, traditional atheism, agnosticism, polytheism (henotheism, ditheism, tritheism), monotheism, pantheism, panentheism, and deism.


Different Views of God