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Faithlife TV: A new Christian streaming channel.

A review of Faithlife TV.

Faithlife TV is a Christian streaming channel with informative programming at a reasonable cost and

includes original Faithlife programs from a Christian view.  Ever get tired of flipping the channels looking for a worthwhile show.  I’ve noticed other streaming channels' mixes are mostly above my rated level.

  I top out at PG. Most things above that are detrimental to my spiritual health.  Luckily there is a new kid on the block. Not a very big one but a new one.   Faithlife tv presents itself as “a new kind of Christian TV.”  At least I can watch all Faithlife TV's shows. Faithlife TV may not have as the selection of other channels but the percentage of Faithlife TV's shows I can watch just soars. Faithlife has produced stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

 After a 14-day trial, Faithlife TV is just $5 a month and Roku has the Faithlife app.  Faithlife TV makes a great supplement to other streaming subscriptions. Most of the programing is good save “1500 steps.”  That one was a fatal bore.  I have watched some programs several times and shared them with others when they visited us.  I have thoroughly enjoyed shows like Faithlife TV's, “Fragments of Truth” and “Archaeology and Jesus.” I love a show that is put together well and is informative. Faithlife TV even has fiction, although fiction is my second choice and I haven’t gotten there much. Faithlife TV also has plenty of sermons.

If you are a fan of Logos Bible software, you can watch your courseware videos on Faithlife TV also.  Sometimes it is nice to munch while studying and still have a clean keyboard. Faithlife TV is worth checking out if you want more Christian programming or a chance to recue exposure to other programing that may not be as good for you. Just to give you an idea of what they have, here are some of the programs I have watched so far (link).