Heavens to Betsy Movie Review

Heavens to Betsy begins with a child’s view of God as the big Santa in the sky. It develops the concept of why God does not always answer prayer. The young girl quickly grows up and the scene turns to two women aspiring for success, one as an author, the other as an actress. Neither of them are good. In fact, watching the actress practice her lines give one the feeling they are victim of a “B” movie and perhaps should find something else to watch, but don’t do it. This is all plot building. It takes a turn for the better, way better for the aspiring author. This is also when the real comedy begins. The now successful author is as confused as the viewer is spell bound. We learn who she is as she herself must discover her new life as blind-siding events play out. The role of prayer is gradually brought to the fore front again as she wrestles with a choice between her godless new life and the life of church and prayer she left behind. How should she pray now? Laugh and cry a little, it’s a touching movie. You can find it on Faithlife TV today.

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