Introduction to Logos 8 Tips: A hands on tutorial. Search Logos better. Work smarter by knowing what Logos can do. Layouts, Collections, Search & Notes. The time to spent learning how to use Logos well will multiply many times over in time savings over the years to come.  This introduction gets you ready for the tutorials.

Logos 8 is a feature rich Bible Study Software.  It cost a pretty Penny to get it, but its not hard to get into it since payment plans are available and various packages levels to choose from.  Getting Logos 8 is just the fist milestone.  There is a steep learning curve because there is simply so much power at your fingertips if you only know how to use it.  After all the help file takes around 300 pages to print it out.

Basically, there are four main areas to learn. 

  1. Introduction to Logos 8 Tips
  2. Make Logos 8 do the work for you.
  3. Searching Well With Logos 8.
  4. Search where the informtion is.
  5. Documenting your work.

 The idea behind this series is:

  1. To help the seasoned Logos 8 user get the most out of their investment in Logos 8 and to use it effecently so they can save time.
  2. To help the new comer to Logos 8 to get up to speed quickly.

This is a hands tutorial that shows you what Logos 8 is capable of. Once know what it can do you can do it.  If you don't know half of what it can do you will struggle along for years. If something is old hat to you, read and move one.  Something interesting will catch your eye soon.  If it is new to you, copy and paste.  Try the task.  Check it out and investigate.  

I wanted to make this as brief as possible while showing the things Logos 8 can do.  Instead of explaining the details of how-to-do it, search terms in bold will be provided to assist in finding the information in the Logos 8 help file.  A person will be able to search the Logos help file Log for the needed information by copying and pasting the “bold” (include quote if they are present) search term into the search box.

To search the Logos 8 help file

Open the search panel [Tools|search] or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+s (mac  Shift+Cmd+S). 

In the search panel, just under the search tab, choose Basic (for a basic search instead of a Bible, Media, Clause, Morph or Syntax search) Depending on you current settings, “Basic” may appear as a button or in a menu. 

Next, look just below “Basic” where it says, “Search All Text in All Passages in ____________ for.” 

Click on what ever is written in the space I left blank and a search box opens up. 

Type “Logos Help” in it and then select “Logos Help from the dropdown menu.  It should now say, “Search All Text in Logos Help for”  You are now prepared to search the Logos Help file.  To perform a search either type or paste in the search box and click the arrow on the right.

Do your self a favor when you look something up in the Logos help file - document it.  Highlight the part that helped you, clip it to a clippings file named “help clip”, and make a note in a notebook named “help note.”  Clippings and notes are searchable and this will help you find it again easily.


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